Creative Calmness: 4 Ways To Establish A Strong Company Culture With Employees

June 30, 2016 - 9:00 am
  Tricia Lucas is an expert in recreating herself, and in doing so, her human resources consulting company Lucas Select helps clients turn chaos into creative calmness to build strength with good candidates. The following are some principles that she has found true for her business and her clients.     Recognize when it is time to hire An entrepreneur should focus on growing the business into a successful company. Be sure you have time to focus on this priority instead of wearing too many hats. Hiring that first or second employee is a huge step, but if done right, it will be the right move towards making you and your organization more successful.”   Hire smart Hiring is one of the most difficult but critical decisions entrepreneurs will make for their business. Every hire has a significant impact on the company’s productivity and on it is culture. For a startup, hire individuals that are passionate about building and creating things. You need to look for those that are intelligent, naturally inquisitive and curious and are always looking for ways to make things better. Commitment and resilience are other key attributes, which can be identified by asking questions about the candidate’s life that reveal early disappointments they have successfully overcome. Resilience emerges as the result of life experience. Probe for these defining moments.”   Hire for fit is so important when bringing new people to the team For example, I would never recommend hiring a sales professional with 20 years of IBM sales experience for a startup or small business. While they may have been successful at IBM, they will most definitely fail at a startup where there are little to no resources to support them. Sales roles at startups mean you wear the hats of the entire sales process ranging from lead generation, closing the business and account management after the sale. You will not have a lead generator, marketer, sales engineer, project manager or sales delivery manager to help you win the client, but you will be accountable for the revenue. Moreover, you will have to produce quickly because the company’s lifeline depends on it. There is little training, coaching or second chances.”   Consult a professional If hiring is not your strong suit, then consult a professional. Many small companies balk at paying for this service, but don’t think twice about taking their car to a mechanic when they need brakes. Good recruiting professionals can add tremendous value, save you time so that you can focus on being an entrepreneur and will save you money in the long run. The cost of one bad hire will cost you in money and time and could poison your company culture. Poor productivity alone is bad news for a small company, but a toxic employee in the work environment can be devastating. I have personally witnessed leaders who allow toxic personalities to invade their culture, put the health of the entire organization at risk and cost companies money by killing morale and affecting productivity.”     This article was written by Robin D. Everson for CBS Small Business Pulse   document.write('\x3Cscript type="text/javascript" src="">\x3C/script>');(function() {var params = {rssmikle_url: "",rssmikle_frame_width: "555",rssmikle_frame_height: "556",frame_height_by_article: "0",rssmikle_target: "_blank",rssmikle_font: "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",rssmikle_font_size: "12",rssmikle_border: "off",responsive: "off",rssmikle_css_url: "",text_align: "left",text_align2: "left",corner: "off",scrollbar: "on",autoscroll: "on",scrolldirection: "up",scrollstep: "4",mcspeed: "20",sort: "Off",rssmikle_title: "on",rssmikle_title_sentence: "More From CBS Small Business Pulse",rssmikle_title_link: "",rssmikle_title_bgcolor: "#56A8E2",rssmikle_title_color: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_title_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_bgcolor: "#FFFFFF",rssmikle_item_bgimage: "",rssmikle_item_title_length: "100",rssmikle_item_title_color: "#56A8E2",rssmikle_item_border_bottom: "on",rssmikle_item_description: "on",item_link: "on",rssmikle_item_description_length: "175",rssmikle_item_description_color: "#666666",rssmikle_item_date: "gl1",rssmikle_timezone: "Etc/GMT",datetime_format: "%b %e, %Y %l:%M %p",item_description_style: "text+tn",item_thumbnail: "full",item_thumbnail_selection: "auto",article_num: "15",rssmikle_item_podcast: "off",keyword_inc: "",keyword_exc: ""};feedwind_show_widget_iframe(params);})();